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Lojban Parser written in JavaScript based on camxes.

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What is camxes.js?

camxes.js is a Lojban parser written in JavaScript. It is based on the camxes PEG.

The parser receives a Lojban text (string) and returns a parsed tree represented as a JavaScript object. It works completely offline!


Include camxes.js from the code base as the following:

 <script type="text/javascript" src="/path/to/camxes.js"></script>

Then parse your input using the parsercamxes:

var result = camxes.parse( "mi klama le zarci" );

the parse() method throws an exception if the input is ungrammatical.


Type any Lojban text in the following textarea. The result will be parsed as you type:


Developed and maintained by Masato Hagiwara. github: @mhagiwara twitter @jbomasatos

camxes.js is generated using PEG.js by David Majda. I'm really greatful for his great work.